Wander is a platform that allows locals and tourists to discover what your community offers through a branded mobile application.


GIS Friendly

24+ Activity Types

Works Offline

Phones are today’s guidebook

  • Tourists need to find information about your community
  • Provide them with your city’s attractions
  • Make it easy for them to explore your city
  • Add in self-guided walking and driving tours
  • Include upcoming events to increase attendance

You have full control over what is included in your wander guide. It will grow as your city expands and adds more opportunities for people to explore.

Educate people on the variety of activities in your community

  • Display your pools, arenas, parks and multi-use trails where people can find them
  • Allow them to find the perfect trail for their activity of choice
  • Group multiple activities in an area so they can discover what your community has to offer

Why Wander?

Put your city’s data in your own branded app for everyone to enjoy. Make wandering easy!

  • Create an app geared towards tourists and recreation
  • Quick and easy to get an app up and running
  • Option to use your own data or to use our builder
  • Comes with built-in analytics
  • Works seamlessly offline
  • Designed to look like your community’s brand 

We take care of everything from design to app store submissions to ongoing maintenance.

No upfront costs - just a flat monthly fee.

Find out more about how we can help you connect with visitors and community members.

Contact us to arrange a product demonstration.

Contact Us

For more information contact Kristi Chynoweth directly at (807) 285-3404 or email info@gowander.ca